I am incredibly grateful for the support of my family, friends and clients as I embrace the transition of leaving my regional sales position with Marriott International after many years of service to start my very own company called Gioworks. With gratitude in my heart, I say THANK YOU to the following individuals and organizations:

My Family who always have believed I can accomplish anything in life! Thank You for encouraging me to step out with faith and believing in my capacity to succeed!

My Amazing Clients; Always Purpose-Driven  who ARE the sole reason why this  Gioworks dream is alive. Thank you for all the years we have worked together, for your incredible loyalty and care toward my well-being.

Karen Joyce; Life SOULutions (who left her physical body October 15, 2011 ). Thank you for your encouragement and passion toward empowering others! You touched my life in so many ways and are missed.

Mary Morrissey; Life SOULutions who truly believes in all things being possible. Thank You for being one of those rare teachers that helped me activate my potential to the fullest extent! Your transformational talks and seminars have been life changing!

Philippo Franchini; Dear Friend & Godfather of my Son who supported the creation of  Gioworks when it was just an idea. Your support made Gioworks become reality! Thank you!

Diane Miller; Loving Friend always holding others with unconditional love. Thank you for…what can I say…everything!!!!

Trudy Kalush;  EcoTerra Properties & Investments Thank you for your incredible support,  friendship and mentoring!

Jason Larsen; Web Master & Social Media Extraordinaire Thank you for your amazing energy (and patience) put forth toward creating Gioworks web presence. Without your creative and logical input, I would be lost in cyberspace.